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Open Wheel Manager - is a tactical manager for the open wheel race fans.
In the game are respected classical for race management genre principle of indirect control - you will not have to press KERS button every second during the race, or open and close DRS. Your main goal as a race manager is to develop the fast car, to hire pilots and to select right race strategy.

  • 12 teams in Championship, 40 pilots, 9 engine suppliers;
  • 4 types of facilities;
  • Car development from project to parts production and installation on the car;
  • Contracts with pilots, key staff, sponsors and suppliers;
  • Growth of parameters in young pilots and veterans regress;
  • Realistic transfers of pilots between teams based on the reputation system;
  • 2D race engine;
  • Game save and load with the opportunity of parallel several careers starting.

The game structure makes it easy to change initial data:
  • Pilot and team names, parameters - all this is easy to edit in SQLite data base format;
  • Change team-logoes, tracks and trajectories to them overwriting the svg-images in the game folder;
  • Language files could be edited in the simple notepad. New translations from the language folder are loading automatically;
  • We add the opportunity to keep several mods simultaneously and select the desired one at the start of the new game.

We understand that there are can be bugs in the game, that can crash the game. So, we've made the auto-save function, for you don't lose the data in the game.
In case of game crashes, please, leave bug-report in one of our communication channels.

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Producent: Paprikash.Works
Wydawca: Paprikash.Works

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