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This is a Mooj

Garden of Mooj is a cute 3D sandbox game with in depth life simulation. Guide your Mooj as they breed and evolve over time, unlocking new structures for your garden.

Or, just relax and play with your Mooj for a bit!

  • Each Mooj is completely unique, with their own name, pattern, coloring, and more
  • Manage your Mooj's diet carefully to control their evolution
  • Forage for food throughout the garden, with over 40 unique foods to discover
  • Defend from monsters at night
  • Discover forgotten secrets by raising specific types Mooj
  • Construct various buildings to increase your garden's revenue
  • And more to come!

Garden of Mooj will be in Early Access for the foreseeable future. Stay tuned for future content updates.

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Producent: Kcfos
Wydawca: Kcfos

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Early Access
Early Access
Open World
Otwarty świat
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