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Plagueworld - O tej grze

This is a dark era of the world, the hell creatures have invaded.

You have to find the source of this darkness and destroy it. You will face against any kind of monsters.

Adveture game based on medieval times, where you take the role of a hero that needs to fight and destroy the plague that invaded world.


-Chapter based story: Advance in story in different episodes.

-Dynamic levels: Find alternative exits and fight unknow creatures.

-Roleplaying: Find items to help you progress in game and secret treasures.

-Action combat: Use multiple melee weapons and ranged.

Plagueworld - Opis dotyczący treści dla dorosłych

Producenci opisują te treści w następujący sposób:

Blood and gore

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Producent: Free Initiative Games
Wydawca: Free Initiative Games

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Early Access

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