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Oneironaut (noun): A person who explores dream worlds, usually associated with lucid dreaming.

Oneironaut is a 2D platformer that immerses the player into a series of lucid dreams. Experience imagination firsthand as you navigate your way through beautiful, but deadly dreams that have obstacles along the way. Work your way back to reality as a mysterious person attempts to prevent your success.

Oneironaut features two full length worlds each with a different mystical theme to envelop you into a true gaming experience. Each world is packed with dozens of rooms for the player to make their way through puzzling challenges and potential pitfalls. Along the way, the player will encounter a variety of perplexing mazes, numerous timed challenges, and tough jumps. However, saves along the way will allow you to try, try, and try once more. As a 2D platformer, Oneironaut allows for 3 unique world saves. Oneironaut is extremely challenging and only the best may escape from the traps of lucid dreaming.

Featuring multiple dozens of game mechanics to keep you continuously intrigued throughout your play through of the game, Oneironaut also includes fully developed art, music, and sound effects. An indie game started from a Computer Science classroom, we hope you play our game.

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Producent: Peter De Jong, Albert Wang
Wydawca: Hooded Games

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