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Dream Flash is a boss rush rogue-like that puts you in charge of a soul, which has to explore the depths of its psyche. The soul will have to face a barrage of unique bosses with various attacks. Explore the environments of its memory in hopes of recovering its recollection. You can collect a wide array of items in order to make the soul even more powerful. Each chapter goes deeper into the souls mind as the soul uncovers information as to what is even happening.

Dream Flash has tons of content. Players will be able to explore the dreamscape for dozens of hours in order to unlock everything. Here is a list of planned content for the finished version of the game:

- 100+ Bosses to Fight
- 150+ Weapons
- 200+ Items
- 40+ Minions
- 4 Complete Chapters for the soul to explore fully
- Wild Secrets that will remain hidden until closer to release

As of right now there are about 34 bosses, 65 weapons, 100 items, and 24 minions. The first two chapters have been completed and the third one is also currently accessible. More content is planned for the early access build every 4-5 weeks so keep a look out for even more things to play around with.

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