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Spirits Abyss


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~ In lands long forgotten, stories told of a mountain top that lead to the gates of the Resting Realms. For it was believed a child cast into the abyss under the gaze of the blood full moon may one day return... but that child shall wield the wealth and power over The Undying. ~


Spirits Abyss is a roguelite platformer with destructible terrain (or Spelunky-like). Cast into the Mountainous Abysm you must venture into its randomly generated depths battling phantasmic meanies through diverse spookful biomes, meeting curious compadres, and plundering its many useful items and treasures to hopefully find a way back home beyond the Guardian of the Undying Gate... but does something nestle beyond the realmic veil of death?

There's seven game modes to explore. These include online seeded runs, a strategic collectable card battling game, a free play mode where you can use the gold you loot to purchase niceities for future runs, a fast paced arena survival mode, and challenging special trials to overcome. There's also alternate playable characters each with their own weapons, upgrades and playstyles, and of course unlockable hats!

~ But perhaps the stories are true? Do the fabled gates really exist? Where may they lead? And who may well dwell in such haunted realms beyond? ~

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Ostatnie recenzje: Bardzo pozytywne (13) - 100% z 13 recenzji użytkowników z ostatnich 30 dni było pozytywnych.
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Osiągnięcia Steam
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Producent: Anthony Case
Wydawca: Caiysware

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Early Access
Action Roguelike
Procedural Generation
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Replay Value
Perma Death
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