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Horresco Referens is a card adventure game!

You are a soldier from an alien race exiled from its native stellar system. Armed with a deck of cards, your goal is to make sure that your new home never gets colonized by the neighboring civilizations. Each civilization evolves on their own depending on three factors: its population, services consumed by inhabitants and the energy cost of those services. Manipulate those parameters to achieve your goals! If you die during your mission, a new soldier will be sent. Will you manage to stabilize the seven stars around your stellar system and win the game?

  • 7 Stellar systems to visit! Each system has planets and moons you will need to explore.
  • 5 Civilizations. Learn the various histories of those civilizations. They all have different units and bosses that you will need to fight.
  • 100 Cards, many bonus and ephemeral cards! You will start with 20 cards in your base collection. You will need to accomplish many objectives to unlock new cards. Bonus and ephemeral cards can be bought in shops.
  • A dynamic board! Civilizations can evolve, colonize new stars or even disappear!
  • A new deck after every death. Every time you die, you will start back from your stellar system. You will then need to choose 2 civilizations among 5. The cards in your deck will only be able to come from those chosen civilizations.
  • Stunning dialogues. You will find cities on the planets and moons during your journey. Enter those cities to discover shops but also characters! Be careful when you talk with them, your choices will have different outcomes.

Now start your journey across the nest!

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