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The story of StreetRoyaleZ

StreetRoyaleZ is a Battle Royale Shooter with different characters created by StreetLordZ and Mixamo. Animations and the Mixamo Character Pack provided by Mixamo.

The shooter offers every player a variety of emotes dances, gangster moves and much more.
There is a level system that levels based on kills and achievements.

Every player has the possibility to join an open lobby or create his own lobby. So it is determined that each player can create his own server.

The Early Access Version:

- Multiplayer Find & Create Sessions
- Battle Royale mode
- Main Menu, Audio, Graphic Resolution and Gameplay Options

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Tryby i możliwości gry StreetRoyaleZ :

Sieciowe PvP
Steam Cloud
Ograniczone funkcje profilu 

Producent gry StreetRoyaleZ :

Producent: StreetLordZ
Wydawca: StreetLordZ

Tagi dla gry: StreetRoyaleZ

Early Access
Early Access
Third-Person Shooter
Battle Royale
Bullet Time

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