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Ride a rocket-powered hoverboard as you blast enemies with your board-mounted weaponry.

The development of Rocketboarder originally started way back in 2016. I had the objective of making a flying game, but when I tested some free-flying game mechanics, I felt some motion sickness! So, rather than making a game where the player can freely fly and turn and spin, I chose to pursue a game where the player is constantly advancing forward. This makes Rocketboarder, in some strange way, a VR descendant of classic space shooters.

Steer the board with your body

To play Rocketboarder, you plant your feet in a wide stance and calibrate the center of your head. Lean left and the board drifts left, lean right and the board drifts right. Crouch downward and your board swoops down; stand up with your hands to the sky to fly upward.

Body Avatar even with no Trackers

Since the player is supposed to play with their feet planted, the in-game foot location combined with the tracked location of the head and controllers can be used to position a virtual avatar. It's not perfect but it should give a cool effect! (Turn the body on in the Game Options menu)

Despite not requiring body-trackers for body presence, you CAN use 2 or 3 Vive Trackers to enhance the body tracking.

DIY Motion Rig if you dare?

Have you ever wanted to have your own motion rig? Do you have a Vive Tracker that you don't know what to do with? Make yourself a DIY balance board to control the game! But you absolutely should have a friend there to catch you if you try that! (Note that this might not work simultaneously with the body trackers) More info soon.

Follow-up to The Path of Greatest Resistance

The Machine Alliance is has returned! This game is a follow-up to The Path of Greatest Resistance, (but no need to play that game before you play this one.)

There's only 1 intro tutorial mission and 4 missions that are right now based on the same procedural template level. Keep in mind that this isn't a full-priced game and I hope people can enjoy it for what it is!

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