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This game is my take on the block-placing puzzle genre. The pieces don't rotate, but there is no gravity. Place them anywhere! Complete a line or a column and those block pieces disappear. Score bonus points for completing multiple lines at once, or for completing combo chains, or both.

You can choose to race against the clock, or take all of the time in the world. There are three modes to play: a Time Attack (a two minute challenge), Survival (where you score bonus time for completing lines), and Timeless (where there is no clock at all, and you have a set number of turns instead).

There is a fourth mode, called The Quest, which is a preview of a story I need to tell. How Grid Magic is real, and how we are all players in a game, until we choose to break the rules and make our own. I wonder if this description will be read, or understood. I hope so.

Besides, what's the point of being a technical witch if I can't wield some magic with your game?

If you want to pretend that all of this is marketing text, that's great. I've made a nifty puzzle game that I hope you will enjoy. Or maybe, just maybe, this game is the start of something a bit more important.

Join me. Join us.

-- dera

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Producent: Andrea Davis
Wydawca: Andrea Davis

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Early Access
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