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失落的琴弦-The Lost Strings


失落的琴弦-The Lost Strings - O tej grze

What is Railroads?
Developed by a team of two, a new adventure awaits for you in the Railroads.
Uncover the memories of a nomad who once travelled through an abandoned mine.
Every playthrough is designed to be placed differently thanks to random/procedural generation.
The game is a campaign of chapters consisting of unique horrors and challenges for you to explore.

Chapter 1 - The Birdman
Enter the Railroads as a nomad who is curious what lies inside the Railroads.
You will face challenges and eventually come across the Necromancer's experiment Birdman.

Chapter 2 - The Necromancer
​Uncover the mysterious identity responsible for all the hostile undead in the Railroads.​ This chapter is currently in development and will be released incrementally. A sneakpeak of the chapter (first room) has been released so far.

Chapter 3 - The Dead Sea
​Sail the underground waters on a raft and encounter horrifying creatures underwater. This is a planned feature and is currently not available.

失落的琴弦-The Lost Strings - Opis dotyczący treści dla dorosłych

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When the limbs of miners are blown off, blood splat decals may paint across the floor. There is no more detail to that, the limbs fall off like lego.
There are also some bloody particle effects when an enemy is attacked.

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Producent: Voxelr
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Early Access
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