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After the universe was destroyed by Chaos, the Creator established the final pure land.The surviving RACES of the universe established nine powers in this last pure land: Feiyu sword palace, Olympic temple, Nuwa temple, Orc, Hell, Buddhism, Undead, Elezen, and Beast kingdom.
You need to choose one of them, or build your own.Fight in this last pure land, and finally dominate the whole continent.
This is not the end, however.You also need to lead your heroes through Chaos.
In order to overcome Chaos, you must be in the war, the cultivation of a unique hero.Collect all kinds of powerful skills, so that the hero can cooperate with each other.You may also have to learn tactics and understand the art of war.

Battlefield: MOBA-like

  • stand-alone game MOBA is also available.
  • two resource points, road heights, road forest road, mining, road road, etc., are the battlefield where you play tactics and cooperate.

Main map: Changing strategies

  • visually display the troop behavior of each faction on main map.
  • raid cities, sneak attacks, detour, lure enemy troops, etc.

Classic Tank + DPS + Heal combo

  • in addition to capturing territory, you also need to deal with BOSS monsters.
    [*tank heroes attract hate, healers take notice, DPS deal damage.]

Hero formation + skill collection fun

  • the game gets rid of complicated equipment, medicine, treasure chest, synthesis and so on.Instead, use the skill system to build heroes.
  • collection of skill sources: capture cities, capture heroes from other countries, monthly internal affairs searches, etc.
  • feel free to learn skills to match your unique heroes.

Policy to explore

  • The end of each month will come to the time of internal affairs.
  • When it comes to internal politics, heroes can learn skills, recruit captives, and explore new heroes.
  • Of course, you can also view the general map of forces and make the next strategy.


Please contact us in the Steam Discussion board.We're going to keep Steam Discussion board active.

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