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Welcome to ControlRoom!

With ControlRoom, you can interact with your music production software in a revolutionary new way. Control your DAW's transport, mixer, sends, and automation with the virtual mixing console; custom map any MIDI-enabled DAW parameter to an array of expressive 3D tools; and mix in a revolutionary and intuitive way with the Spatial Mixer.

ControlRoom VR is FREE to use with ControlRoom Hub and gives you the ability to map any MIDI parameter in your DAW to our expressive gestural controllers. Purchasing the ControlRoom Channel and Master plugins greatly expands the functionality of ControlRoom VR giving you direct access to our powerful DSP without having to map any controls. Check out the Persp3ctive website to download the FREE Hub and for a two week trial of the ControlRoom plugins.

To learn how to set up ControlRoom, please click the "View the Manual" button in the right sidebar or check out our Steam Forum post:

Use ControlRoom in Standalone Mode to learn how to use and experience ControlRoom with our built-in tracks.

ControlRoom officially supports Ableton Live and Pro Tools and supports most other DAWs but some functionality may be limited.

Welcome to the future of your music production workflow. Step out the box, into ControlRoom.

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Producent: Persp3ctive
Wydawca: Persp3ctive

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Early Access
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