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Frostford - O tej grze

Once upon a time the quiet place called Frostford was shocked by a series of powerful earthquakes. Through the cracks in the ground monsters entered the world and took over the cities. You are the last hero of Frostford and have to purge evil monsters from cities.

Frostford is the pseudo rpg game. You consistently join the battle in the cities where you get experience, upgrade attributes, receive powerful artifacts and learn skills to become stronger and clear more and more cities from monsters.

  • 10 battles in different cities
  • over 20 different enemies
  • over 100 different inventory items
  • attribute upgrading system
  • 6 different skills to learn
  • 18 different talents to research
  • encouraging reward system for monster slaving

Frostford has an interesting and addictive gameplay. Try variety of different strategies to complete all the battles! Grab the control over Frostford!

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Producent: Uberbax, BratAndonik
Wydawca: UberbaxGaming

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