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AlterVerse: Disruption

AlterVerse: Disruption - O tej grze

The AlterVerse is a gaming and world-building universe, where users can play and create an infinite number of interconnected games and worlds.

The AlterVerse has a massive list of features already completed including; Blockchain-driven economy using Enjin, VR compatibility, In-game Voice chat, Customizable Avatars, Robust combat systems, Ranks & Stats systems, multiple weapons types, Affiliate program, Hunting & Fishing, Rideable Mounts, Alliance/Team System, Interactive- Talking NPC’s, Decentralized Server Architecture and more.

The debut AlterVerse release, a first-person Adventure RPG called ‘Disruption’, will be available to Steam users in first quarter of 2019. Disruption is set on a fleet of Disrupter Battleships that can disrupt the very fabric of space and time to enter the AlterVerse. Disruption will feature four game modes, including Solo Raids, Alliance Raids, Adventure Quests, and Battle Royale. Players will be able to log on and play in multiplayer environments or purchase their own servers, which will enable them to customize their ship and invite paying players to try to raid their ship’s treasury.

Currently, players can customize any Disrupter Battleship they own by selecting from pre-existing textures that alter the ship’s floors, ceilings, walls, skybox, hull, and each of the 32 crew rooms, allowing them to create a personalized look and feel for all their residents. Once AlterVerse Inc. releases their ‘world editors’, server owners will be able to rebuild the structures of their ships to create completely different experiences for their players.

Disruption is the first of 17 prototyped gaming worlds. The game mechanics, customization options, world editors, and server-owner monetization models are core functions of each of AlterVerse’s planned releases. Each of the 17 gaming worlds AlterVerse Inc. releases will act as a template that can be used in player-owned servers and customized freely.

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