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State of Extinction is a mature story-driven hack-n-slash role playing game (RPG) for PC Windows, Mac and Linux set in a science-fantasy Antediluvian (Pre-Flood) world of early man.

Mystical ancestral paintings on hidden rocks prophesy about humanity’s salvation. Man and Beast are both becoming bolder, fiercer and more organized with each waning moon. As a black shadow of corruptness and death blackens the land with the blood of many, you must evolve as a leader to stand against this threat.

Passing from boy to man, you will train in the ancient skills of your calling while questioning your beliefs and the role of man during a state of extinction.

Key Game Features

  • EXPERIENCE BRUTAL COMBAT - Savage battles lie ahead as you put yourself between the fiercest of threats and the dearest of kin. You will need to learn the ways of Instinct, Intuition or Intelligence to stand against your enemies.

  • HUNT AND FORAGE - Hunt, gather and explore your way through a vast world of resources. Through a mastery of crafts, lead bands of people in creating resources for survival.

  • LUSH WORLD - Interact with various bands of people with different religions and beliefs living in snow-kissed mountains, forests and luscious grasslands.

  • FACE DEADLY ADVERSARIES - Learn when to stand and fight – and when to flee for your life – as you face the behemoths of the ancient world; Saber-Tooth Tigers, vengeful Mammoths and… other adversaries you may have thought the land forgot.

  • CHOOSE FROM VARIOUS CHARACTER CLASSES - Pick carefully from 3 tribes with over 20 unique Skills which you will learn as you grow in intellect. Which tribe you choose could be the deciding factor between mankind’s Evolution and its Extinction.

  • IMMERSE YOURSELF IN AN EPIC NARRATIVE - Cut your way through suspense, action, love and surprise in a mature science-fantasy story about what really happened to the early man. Even at our highest State of being, we are never truly safe from Extinction.

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Producent: Stone Pixel Games, LLC.
Wydawca: Stone Pixel Games, LLC.

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