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“Overpower is simple, fun, team deathmatch that just works.”

“Overpower is likely going to fill an extremely niche role that no other shooter currently does, or can, and we enjoyed playing it immensely.”
8.5 – BlotGaming

Overpower - O tej grze

Overpower is a competitive class-based arena combat game! Choose between Warrior, Mage, Ranger, and Assassin, each with a variety of unique abilities and weapons to customize their play-style.

Join a dedicated server or host your own while battling across 9 levels and 5 unique game modes. Destroy your enemies and climb to the top of the leader-board, becoming the most Overpowered player in this new and refreshing take on multiplayer PvP action!

Key Features:
  • Skill-Based Combat inspired by Counter - Strike and Warcraft Arenas!
  • Unique class loadouts, let you mix and match weapons and abilities to create a custom play-style.
  • Competitive Ranking System and Leader-board grants titles and heroic icons to the best players!
  • 9 Exciting Battle Arenas to destroy your enemies in!
  • 5 different Game Modes keep gameplay fast and refreshing.
  • 4 Classes to choose from with plans to add many more!
  • Male and Female Playable Genders included.

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Producent: Hydrant Games
Wydawca: Hydrant Games

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Early Access
Early Access
Arena Shooter
Third-Person Shooter

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