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Gerty - Recenzje

“A very promising game that takes many pre-existing concepts in the roguelite genre, and puts it’s own unique spin on them to produce something truly different.”
Save or Quit

“If you’re up for a game that offers a real challenge, you’ll really dig this great sci-fi mining roguelike shooter.”
Alpha Beta Gamer

“It's actually pretty damn good”

Gerty - O tej grze

You are a member of an elite mercenary group. A mining colony of critical importance has become under attack by a hostile alien force. Armed to the teeth and equipped with your trusty laser-diggers, you must fight your way to the depths of the planet, find the source of the alien threat and eliminate it. Will you make it out alive?

Gerty is a top-down rogue-lite twin-stick shooter with fully destructible environment. Carve your own path through replayable procedurally generated levels and create tactically advantageous situations to eliminate the alien threat in intense, tough but fair, action packed gameplay. Mine Juice crystals to upgrade your gear, discover alien structures, and eliminate the source of the alien threat in singleplayer or local co-op mode.


  • Test your mettle in skill based combat and try to avoid clutches of permanent death. Adjust the level of challenge to your liking with 5 difficulty levels and advanced settings.
  • Choose between 4 different characters all with unique skills and style of play. Further customize your character during your run with perks and purchasable gear.
  • Explore collapsed Juice mines that are teeming with alien life and structures. Interact with abandoned infrastructure, alien runes and altars.
  • Unlock new gear and characters with each tightly packed run. Ramp up the difficulty and brave the dangers once again!

If you still aren't convinced, don't listen to me, go watch the trailer, download the demo and see for yourself!

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Producent: Spawn Point OSK
Wydawca: Spawn Point OSK

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Early Access
Top-Down Shooter
Local Co-Op
Action RPG
Replay Value
Twin Stick Shooter
Early Access

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