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Tee Time Golf


Tee Time Golf - O tej grze

Hit a hole-in-one with Tee Time Golf!

Swing away in VR or launch golf balls on your flat-screen monitor. Gain experience to level up and blast 300-yard drives. Earn coins to customize your golfer's outfit and gear. Join 8 player online matches and watch as your friend chips in from the bunker.

Enjoy a relaxing round of golf on any of the 8 beautiful 18-hole courses. When you get tired of playing the same courses, jump into the course designer and build the golf course of your dreams and share it with others.

Tee Time Golf offers a fun and highly accessible social experience.

Exciting Features

  • Flat-Screen and VR Crossplay (seriously this is a ton of fun).
  • 8 player online simultaneously with your golf buddies.
  • Play 8 beautiful courses with attractive hand painted graphics.
  • Build and Share your own custom designed courses with the world.
  • Earn coins and gain experience to upgrade your golfer!
  • PC Cross-Platform multiplayer.
  • Did we forget to mention there is a mini-putt course?

Game Play Options

  • Motion Controllers (Required for VR Course Design)
  • Gamepad - 3rd Person View

  • Gamepad
  • Mouse & Keyboard

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Producent gry Tee Time Golf :

Producent: Barkers Crest Studio LLC
Wydawca: Barkers Crest Studio LLC

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Early Access
Mini Golf

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