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This action RPG that is all about airships and the brave people that fly them. Explore, fight, and trade your way through a huge world full of islands, pirates, monsters, and more! Restore balance to a land wracked by conflict and strife… and turn a tidy profit too!

Release the mooring lines, fire up the boiler, and prepare to lift off in this high-flying game of airships, sky cities, and pirates! Sky Trader is an action RPG with elements of trade, management, and exploration.


  • Action RPG style gameplay, focusing on trade and exploration
  • Lots of unique locations to discover.
  • An immersive day/night cycle.
  • Market prices that vary depending on availability of commodities.
  • Flyable airships ranging in size from sky rafts to floating battleships.
  • Dozens of ship upgrades to find and install.
  • Defend your ship and cargo against sky pirates, monsters, and more!

The action in Sky Trader takes place in three dimensions! You have full control of the direction and altitude of your ship. Manage your fuel and crew as you explore every nook and cranny of the world. But be careful, some places are safe and others are very, very dangerous.

Find friendly settlements, then buy and sell goods to turn a tidy profit. Some towns require cargo that other towns have a surplus of. Take advantage of supply and demand, and trade your way to fame and glory!

Talk to NPCs and take on quests. Villages, towns, and cities will serve as a focal point for your adventures. Take the time to visit with the townspeople, and you may discover important information. Some may even have profitable quests for you!

Watch your enemies fall from the sky. While you will encounter many friendly airships during your travels, sky pirates will undoubtedly find you and try their hardest to defeat you. Eventually you will take the fight to them, attacking their bases and making the airways safe. Also, its best to remember that there are places in this world that even the pirates dare not tread.

Combat is a tactical playground in three dimensions. You will have to trust your crew to track targets accurately, but it is up to you to position yourself properly and fire at the perfect time. Give the command, and let loose volley after volley of lethal iron cannonballs! If the cannons aren't powerful enough, you may need to invest in a range of more esoteric steampunk weapons.

Purchase and fly new ships. Save those coins, and soon you will be able to afford a fancy new airship! With many ships to discover, you will have plenty of options from tiny flying rafts to giant battleships.

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Producent: Feudant Interactive Inc.
Wydawca: Feudant Interactive Inc.

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