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Shardbound is a Tactical Collectible Card Game. As you play, you’ll collect hundreds of units and build armies to compete head-to-head with other players in matches of cunning and skill. Use positioning, the terrain, and your units’ unique abilities to achieve victory.

In the world of Shardbound, a great land rush has begun: the shards of an ancient, broken world are falling from the sky. You'll establish a Noble House alone or with friends, then head Shardbound to complete objectives and secure riches and fame.

If you’re watching somebody streaming Shardbound on Twitch, their Shardfall will appear in your overworld, giving you access to special Twitch objectives and content generated specifically for their viewers to complete.

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Ostatnie recenzje: Mieszane - 60% z 10 recenzji użytkowników z ostatnich 30 dni było pozytywnych.
Wszystkie recenzje: W większości pozytywne (1,038) - 75% z 1,038 recenzji użytkowników dla tej gry jest pozytywnych.

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Wieloosobowa gra sieciowa
Osiągnięcia Steam
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Producent: Spiritwalk Games
Wydawca: Spiritwalk Games

Tagi dla gry: Shardbound

Early Access
Free to Play
Card Game
Tryb wieloosobowy
Early Access
Turn-Based Tactics
Hex Grid
Turn-Based Strategy

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