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Golden Panic is a local and online Multiplayer Dungeon Crawler (from 2 to 4 players). Games are quick and user friendly.

In Golden Panic, every players controlled a Dwarf, exploring dungeons filled with goblins. One way to win: laugh all the way to the bank ! Players can collaborate to find incredible treasures and beat up some goblins … or other players!

Because there will be only one winner


    • Find gold
      Thank to your special abilities, be faster to pick, rummage through, and put gold down within your bag. But beware, do not forget to lay you treasure down into your trolley!

    • Trap other players
      Entice goblins toward other players, slow them within they act, block their movements, slamming the door their face. In every way, there will one winner only in the end!

    • Avenge yourself
      You’re dead? No “panic”, the game has not ended yet. Thanks to your spectral spells, you will be able to bring others’ death forward, so that they may join you in the hereafter.

    • Play online, local, or the both at the same time
      Golden Panic is designed to bear split-screen till 4 players, remaining compatible with the online mode, in the same time.

    • Create your own dungeons
      Thanks to levels’ editor, you will given the possibility of creating your dungeons to play with your friends. Guaranteed replayability !

    • Share and enjoy community’s creations
      Every created dungeon can be then published so that the community may enjoy it, if you’re not creative, go downloading somes of them, and make the most of it!!!

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    Early Access
    4 Player Local
    Tryb wieloosobowy
    Lokalny tryb wieloosobowy
    Dungeon Crawler
    Early Access
    Local Co-Op

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