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Road Dogs: A Post Nuclear Privateer/Trader MMO Game

Road Dogs is an MMORPG in the privateer/trader genre, and a reincarnation of Steve Jackson’s Car Wars — a 1980s board game in a hybrid with the global mode of Mount & Blade and Fallout. Imagine how a classic MMORPG would look on an old arcade machine — Road Dogs is our fantasy in this theme. Our goal is to create a live PVP-world, something like 2D EVE Online, using the trends of recent years as elements of .io-games, and their minimalism, arcade similarity in particular.

Road Dogs takes place in the state of Arizona, set in the aftermath of a nuclear war. The planet has gone into hibernation during the darkness of the post-nuclear winter. Transportation between cities and towns is only possible in hermetically equipped vehicles. Voices carried by radio waves have replaced human faces. The dim light of the instrument cluster under the windshield has replaced the sun. And fuel is now worth more than blood. It’s the only source of life in such a world. Fuel is the new solar warmth and the engine of the economy. And here we are forced to deal with Nukeoil Corporation.

Before the global war, the entire US territory was covered with protected underground fuel storage facilities for potential land hostilities and wide maneuvers by US military forces. However, this never happened, and the storage facilities were taken under control by Nukeoil Corporation, which only distributes fuel in exchange for its Nucoins crypto currency, thus becoming the monopoly and center of the new world economy in the dark traditions of cyberpunk and retro futurism of the 1980s.

A seamless open world!

  • You can move the camera's position into the stratosphere with one roll of the mouse wheel.

Real time battles!

  • Unpredictable PVP with no limits on the number of participants. Each time you play you will encounter unique game situations in an open world environment.

Tons of vehicles!

  • Motorcycles, buggies, sports cars, trucks, vans, buses, armored vehicles, tanks and artillery.

Detailed vehicle styling and tuning!

  • Create a unique vehicle with a custom name, appearance, weaponry, armor, tuning and gadgets.

Stealth elements and ambushes!

  • Just like in a real battle, only competent intelligence will help you to identify the actual number of battle participants.

True RPG!

  • The game employs a classic role-based character and party system. You can choose not a damage dealer specialization including: scout, artilleryman, party leader, engineer, or ammunition and fuel delivery driver. And you will be in demand in battle party anyway.

Participate in caravan robberies!

  • The game employs a live economic system in which you must protect trade vehicles as they move between settlements.

Karma and hardcore!

  • Kill or save anyone you want, from small to large. However, according to the Karma system, what goes around comes around.

Gadgets and engineering!

  • Drones, UAVs, MRLS, mines, and guided missiles.

Dozens of quest generators!

  • Players can create and trade quests with each other.

No Pay 2 Win!

  • The player cannot buy game money or things that affect the balance. The only way to pay is to buy a Nukeoil insurance policy that protects against property loss when you die in the game.

Purchase of land!

  • Construction and development of facilities such as: settlements, car service centers, shops, bars, brothels, and car dealerships.


  • Creation of clans and development of clan cities.

Live post-apocalyptic radio!

  • 5 radio stations. Broadcasting on the inside-game radio by anyone who wishes, and rating of RJs.

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