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Play jetpack soccer! You take control of a super athlete playing a soccer/basketball style sport in the future. You can take to the skies with a powerful jetpack. Maintain your speed by bunny hopping (or skiing) downhill giving way to unrestricted movement. The ball inherits all of your momentum as you throw, so speed plays a big part.


The objective is simple. Get the ball and throw it into the enemy goal. Pass and score off teammates using one-timers to add style points to your score. Like Basketball, score from long distance and you are also rewarded.


To stop the enemy from scoring in your goal, you are equiped with 4 unique weapons.
  • The disc launcher shoots an explosive disc that not only harms players but also delivers a strong knockback.
  • The nade launcher lobs an explosive grenade that also harms players and delivers an even stronger knockback force.
  • The spike thrower shoots fast and deadly spikes that fly across the map at super speeds.
  • The boost gun can knock back players and also be used to grab that ball when it is just slightly out of reach.


The bots are capable of shooting you and scoring goals. You can set up a bot match to play however you wish (1 vs 20 or even 20 v 20) offline or online.


A variety of maps include small skirmish style maps, to great big maps that take a minutes to cross. Play 1v1 all the way up to 8v8 (or potentially higher).

Dedicated Servers

Run your own server and push the player limits as high as you can. Play by your rules.

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Producent: Codevictus Inc.
Wydawca: Codevictus Inc

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