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Little Einar


Little Einar - O tej grze

Side scrolling adventure in virtual reality!

Now featuring NVIDIA GameWorks FleX!

Little Einar has escaped!

Help him seek his revenge upon his captors.

Control Little Einar as he runs, jumps, double jumps, and smashes his way through fun and challenging levels.

Do you have what it takes to wield the hammer?

A VR Plaformer with an old school feel.

Little Einar is built for VR with the spirit of old platformers in mind. The controls are simple. Knowing when to use them is the challenge.

Room Scale action that plays out around you.

Little Einar is played along the walls of your play space for an interesting twist on a classic genre. Get close to the action, scope out the battlefield, plan your move, and time your attacks just right.


Tutorials/guidance will be implemented in the game shortly

Little Einar supports both motion controllers and gamepad but is best played with gamepad.

Menu Start - motion controller right top button/gamepad controller start button
Menu Select - motion controller left top button/gamepad controller select button
Move Little Einar - motion controller left track pad/gamepad left thumbstick
Move player up and down - motion controller right track pad/gamepad right thumbstick
Jump - motion controller right trigger/gamepad bottom button (A)
Hammer (if equiped) - motion controller left trigger/gamepad right button (X)
*Invert - motion controller left top button/gamepad top button (Y)

*Invert: depending on player position in the game world relative to Little Einar, it may be beneficial to invert the left and right movement controls. In future updates in game guidance will be available.

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Producent: MADBones Games
Wydawca: MADBones Games

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Early Access
Early Access
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3D Platformer

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