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Rover Builder

Rover Builder - O tej grze

Build amazing 3d vehicles from simple buggies to complex work machinery! In this space themed building game you get to solve increasingly challenging remote-operated missions, as you climb the corporational ladder and unlock new planets.

The building mode is intuitive and unrestricted. There’s only a few carefully designed basic parts, and by combining them it’s possible to do all kinds of mechanical systems: steering, hydraulics, suspension systems, to name a few.

The missions begin by teleporting to the destination. Once there you have to either collect and bring back supply boxes, or travel to a different telepad in a challenging terrain. There might also be man-made obstacles on the way that you have to either destroy or get past somehow.

• 3d building mode with 10 different parts/materials
• Rover Gallery, in which you can save your designs for future use
• Career mode with 2 planets and 16 missions (more to come!)
• Sandbox mode with rockets and white environment (ideal for stylish screencasts)

This game is in Early Access, which means it’s still a bit rough around the edges, and there might be some bugs or incomplete features. By buying the game and giving valuable feedback you’ll be helping us greatly to get this game ready!

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Producent: Hatfuls Games
Wydawca: Hatfuls Games

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Early Access
Early Access

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