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Toy soldiers! Prepare for battle! The house is full of enemies and we must drive them out! Sniper - get in position! Grenadier - your target is the tower. Infantry - attack!

Travel back in time and remember your childhood. While your parents are away and the house is left under your watchful eye. Quick, there is something afoot! There are enemies in the house! Good thing you have your trusty toy soldiers. Check every nook and cranny, battle the enemy in the attic, in the garden, up in the treehouse. Build up your unique squad and take back the house!

Features of the game:
- Fierce tactical battles in real-time mode on more than 30 maps
- 7 soldiers in your army with unique abilities
- Development of the General's abilities
- Aviation
- Artillery
- Battles with insects
- 11 villains with special tactics of action
- Epic battle with the main villain and his lethal technique

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Producent: Arjuna Games
Wydawca: Arjuna Games

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Early Access
Real Time Tactics

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