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Cattle and Crops


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Cattle and Crops is a new generation of farming simulation designed with special attention to detail.

You have the choice: control the vehicles yourself and experience realistic driving or leave the work to your employees, lean back and enjoy the field ballet.

Highly detailed machinery, realistic harvesting methods, original sounds and an authentic vehicle physics system offer you a compelling experience in Cattle and Crops.

Experience the varied everyday life of a farmer. Choose between a story mode or free play. The game also provides additional tutorial missions to make you familiar with the simulation.

Hire employees to cultivate your fields, or to assist you when you’re harvesting. You can delegate tasks with your calendar and watch your employees do their job or take care of the work in front of you on your own. Cattle and Crops provides a complex employee system where the workers take care not to damage the harvest.

Skillfully avoid unnecessary driving tracks on the field to keep soil compaction low so your plants can spread their roots in the loose soil to maximize the yield.

Take care of your crops so don’t hang their heads and make your fields prosper.
Plant growth (using the real BBCH scale) is based on multiple soil attributes like moisture, pH value, temperature, sunshine hours, NPK fertilizer and diseases.

Gather the harvest at the right time and try not to get stuck in the mud when it’s raining.

Cattle and Crops offers a range of big, well known industry brands such as CLAAS, Köckerling, Lemken, Mercedes-Benz and a lot more.

Extend the game with your own vehicles, implements and maps. We’re providing you with all the tools you need for it.

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Producent: Masterbrain Bytes GmbH & Co. KG
Wydawca: Masterbrain Bytes GmbH & Co. KG

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