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The Seven Stages


The Seven Stages - O tej grze

Inspired by William Shakespeare's poem All The World's A Stage comes the VR game: The Seven Stages. As in the poem, each man or woman is defined by their ability to change. In order to change or grow, the player must escape a room that represents a stage in their life. Early puzzles like one's young life are rather elementary, while later puzzles, growing into adulthood and beyond can become unmanageable. The Seven Stages is both a game and an emotional experience. Shakespeare has suggested that a person's ability to change is one of their greatest strengths. Can you solve the puzzles of your life?

The Seven Stages is a challenging escape the room game that is for hardcore puzzle solvers. I encourage the player to think of these puzzles with out VR headset on.

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Producent: Weston Bell-Geddes
Wydawca: Silver Side Studios

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