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VR Enigma - O tej grze

Enigma is a horror theme escape game developed by us, BadPixel, a indie game studio. It is our first game.
Dark and narrow room, on and off voice, unknown creature and mysterious puzzles. You look around the surrounding mess, and realize you can only rely on yourself now. Will you solve the puzzles? Can you make the way out? And, can you figure out what is the real 'Enigma'?

「Game Features」

* Indescriable horror in the air, the tension in the atmosphere will make you hold your breath.
* Beautiful graphics by high rendering technics, quivering sound effects and immersive interaction in VR gameplay.
* Various interesting mechanism and well designed puzzles through the story.
* Mysterious game space, Cthulhu-like horror atmosphere.

「About Us」

In order to make games we really want to make, we, passionate game dreamers, left Netease and started our own studio, BadPixel.
Our studio is located in the incubator Nexus in Hangzhou, China. We enjoy working hard to realize our dreams.
We are gamers, we are BadPixel.

「Contact Us」

Enigma QQ group number: 535568135

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Producent: Bad Pixel
Wydawca: Bad Pixel

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