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Summer Islands


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The holidays are in danger.

Millions of vacationers are unable to find a suitable holiday destination. Are you the right businessman to build the unique holiday paradise everyone is looking for? To become rich and expand your paradise? But watch out, there will be competitors and some unpredictable weather that could destroy all your hopes and dreams.

Summer Islands - This versatile economic simulation gives you the opportunity to build an indescribable holiday paradise. Build cabins, villas or expensive hotels right at the beach or up in the hills. After the first buildungs are completed, tourists will start to visit the island via boat or plane in hope of a great vacation. That is when the challenge begins: to please the tourists needs you can build bars, discos, golf courses, supermarkets and many other buildings that are popular with tourists and enhance your income as the islands owner. But don't underestimate your environment. There are many disasters to occur and enemies who are equally striving to make money. So make sure to always keep an eye on your holiday paradise. [/ i]

"Due to adjustable seeds there are endless randomly generated atolls, archipelagos and islands.

»Real-time strategic gameplay in the server-client architecture.

»Single player with various challenging campaigns.

»Multiplayer so you can play with friends.

»Computer enemies in single and multiplayer mode.

»Various buildings and recreational facilities as well as special attractions, auctions, sabotage and some unpredictable disasters.

»Map editor to create and play your own world.

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Producent: MatthiasMa
Wydawca: MatthiasMa

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