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It’s time to rage against the machines…

An army of marauding robots travels the universe leaving every world they conquer desolate, polluted and drained of its resources. Only one person stands in their way: McRogue.

Once a prisoner of the robots and permanently disfigured from their grotesque experiments, McRogue used their own technology against them to escape. He’s now ready to turn the tables and use the giant robotic fists fused onto his arms to take revenge and save his planet.

He’s angry… He’s ready for some payback… Are you?

McRogue is a combat exploration game from Snare Games inspired by some of the amazing 2D roguelikes available on Steam. We wanted to mix roguelike elements with approachable melee combat and exploration in a 3D world.

Core Principles

  • Time = Difficulty: As time goes on, enemies get stronger, tougher and more numerous
  • Melee Combat: Use McRogue's powerful fists to smash your way through all that stand in your way
  • Exploration: Explore the world and find secret chests filled with new power-ups and abilities to help keep enemies at bay

Key Features at Early Access Launch

  • A powerful level generator builds new worlds each time you play
  • Three level types (forest, swamp, wasteland)
  • A sophisticated AI director takes care of increasing difficulty while ebbing and flowing the tension of the game so that your gameplay experience is different every time
  • Six basic enemy types, with multiple variants
  • First boss
  • 17 multi-stage power-ups used to level-up McRogue's abilities during the game
  • Support for Xbox 360 and DualShock4 controllers
  • Support for Steam Stats, Achievements and Cloud Save
  • Powered by a custom game engine

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Producent: Snare Games
Wydawca: Snare Games

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