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Fire In The Hole

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Touhou Big Big Battle is a Touhou Project fangame, and a casual hobbyist project made by MyACG Studio. We hope you enjoy it!

    []Train your army, explore a variety of skills, and push down your enemies![]Control your protagonist, hoard the points, storm the battlefield with your spell cards!
  • Develop your unique deck and strategy, crush your opponent with wisdom!

Strategic Battles!

Explore various combinations of units and skills, and lead your massive army to the victory!

Tons of Playable Touhou Characters!

Everyone has their unique perks and weaknesses! Show your foes what they are capable of!

Networked Multiplayer!

Finally, a Touhou fangame that you can play with your Steam friends!

Free Collectible Cards! Say no to Gacha!

Collect cards to build your unique deck of armies! Cards are only obtainable through progression, not cash!


Uhhh... We haven't thought about what kind of incident this is yet, but the most important question is -- do we really need an incident to start a Touhou story? ??

Is this really free?

The base game will be free at any time, and we might add additional paid characters through DLC.
But we promise that we will NOT add any paid gacha or card packs like other digital collectible card games on the market.

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Producent: MyACG Studio
Wydawca: MyACG Studio

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Early Access
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