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Overduty VR: Battle Royale

Overduty VR: Battle Royale - O tej grze

Overduty VR: Battle Royale brings you into the thrill of a real battle royale experience. In this game you must rely on strategically maneuvering the big map, scouring for weapons and vehicles to claim the spot of victory, as the last fighter standing.

Gameplay built from the ground up for social VR, and action packed moments will keep you hungry to survive!

Key Features:
Battle Royale Game Mode
Cars & Hoverbikes
8+ Guns with two-handed controls
Multiplayer with VOIP

Overduty VR: Battle Royale - Opis dotyczący treści dla dorosłych

Producenci opisują te treści w następujący sposób:

This is a multiplayer shooting game.

There is no blood (just sparks, nothing graphic) but kills & headshots are mentioned in-game.

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Producent: Arcane Reality
Wydawca: Oddstrich Games

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Early Access

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