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Experience a breathtaking struggle for survival in lush forests, on mountain peaks, as well as in eastern block cities and western towns. Proletarian Budget Survival takes place in a fictionalized central european country where the cold war never ended.

The players spawn in a random location and have to find their way into a safe area without any help from maps or other artificial tools. While everyone gets some loot in proximity of their starting location, more guns can be found in nearby settlements and occasionally in the wilderness.

On their way to the safe area every other player they walk across is a potential enemy, in the end only one will survive.

WARNING: The game is currently in the Early Access state. Bugs and potential interruption of the core game functionalities may occur. Please do not purchase it if you do not want to be exposed to such potential issues.

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Producent: Albert Stirner Games
Wydawca: Albert Stirner Games

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Early Access
Early Access
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