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Critical Gravity is a solo developer indie game made for Virtual Reality. It combines racing and puzzle solving as many games do, however it also alters gravity to produce an immersive experience that gets your body feeling the Gs!

MOGA Creative highly recommends Critical Gravity be played with a 'steering wheel / foot pedal pedal' controller paired with the Oculus Rift.

Key Features

  • Drive in Solo Mode and attempt to complete a track by passing all the gates.
  • Compete against the AI in Race mode after finishing the track in Solo.
  • Setup custom input for wheel / pedal controls.

The Original

The game was first conceived using regular gravity, where the player would try to get from one end of the track to the other without falling off. This proved to be too difficult for the majority of players and development headed towards an 'altered' gravity, which is in use now. The original gravity mode is where the game gets it name 'Critical Gravity' because some turns required centrifugal force to clear without falling; a loop would be the most simple example. Due to the difficulty of the original, 'altered' gravity is now the default however regular gravity mode will be an unlock sometime in the future.

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Producent: MOGA Creative
Wydawca: MOGA Creative

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