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Death from Unknown: Survival

Death from Unknown: Survival - O tej grze

Once a beautiful island, now a deadly trap. You will have to use all your available gear, along with your building skills to survive the deadly night of this place. You can try to survive alone or team up with friends.

Unique base building system

You have to build your base in order to survive the deadly nights of this place. At your disposal are sandbags, barbwire, fences, and tripwire systems - everything to increase your chances to survive.


Time goes by in this place - plan your exploration accordingly to make sure you are at your base when night sets in.

Underground transportation system

Instead of being exposed to the surface threats you can go underground and take a train to reach your destination - but watch out for the creatures that consider the underground to be their home.

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Producent: OU Vessent Inc
Wydawca: OU Vessent Inc

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