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Piano Simulator

Early Access!


The game is not yet finished, please read before buying and rate accordingly!
There is only 1 octave right now, more is coming soon, it is a matter of a month to finish the repetitive work.

This is the only Piano Simulator game on Steam, and probably the first game where you can play piano in a 3D environment.
You can even add effects to the sound like in real synthesizers! (press on round switches in piano with a mouse)

The game supports a lot of all types of controllers including:
  • Mouse input(click on piano keys for them to play, 1 octave)
  • PC keyboard. Currently from Q to ]
  • Leap Motion. Use your fingers to play the piano! (1 octave, no effects right now)
  • More controllers(including MIDI) to come

The game is in early access and we currently offer:

Reverb, phaser and distortion effects!
  • 1 octave to play(7 notes, others may not work, please read before buying!)
  • Mouse input(click on piano keys for them to play)
  • PC keyboard (use it as midi keys)
  • Leap Motion. Use your fingers to play the piano! (sound effects doesn't work with leap motion controller)
  • 1 level
-Play Piano with keyboard, mouse or leap motion being surrounded by nature
-English and Russian language, changable in-game

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Early Access
Early Access

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