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Exo TD is a game similar to traditional tower defenses with new core experience changes. The setting takes place in fully 3D space as you take control of your planet defenses. With your resources you must construct turrets, shields, orbital defenses, and more maintaining your Planetary Shields as each invasion force and it's flagship boss arrives.

In the standard mode invasion forces will periodically spawn in waves to challenge your grip on the planet, on successfully penetrating your Planetary Shields your planet and all its defenses will be lost to them.

Each wave features an increasingly difficult set of AI ships that will challenge you with new tactics, strategies, and reactive combat abilities. Destroyed enemy ships will often yield drone collectible scrap resources, providing opportunities to upgrade your turrets into newer more powerful models augmenting their defensive capabilities to deal with the increasingly powerful threats.

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Producent: Virtual Classic Studio
Wydawca: Virtual Classic Studio

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Early Access
Early Access
Tower Defense
Science fiction
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