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The world is in distress as an evil lord is trying to steal every life in your city. You control the last builder of the city and you have to defend the gates against waves of bad Mana minions sent to destroy it.
As a builder, you have the ability to summon towers in seconds ! Be smart and you will be able to protect your people.
For every five waves you survive, you will be rewarded by the mayor with one Mana. This Mana can unlock more powerful towers: you have the choice to spend it in one of the six Mana present in the world. By doing so, you will learn how to build the tower related to it.
If you have two different Manas unlocked, you will have the possibility to build Harmony towers which are made of two different Manas. It will therefore offer some special ability to these Harmony towers.
You will also receive help from different wizards, who have the ability to cast one powerful spell. You can request a spell from a wizard, but remember that every time you ask a wizard for help, he will need to rest for a while and will be replaced by another one.
Be careful! Some have defensive spells, but there are evil wizards as well... who want minions to achieve their goal. You can use them to turn other players' front line into chaos.


Harmony TD is a competitive 3D Tower Defense. It is a multiplayer game, which is playable with Steam.
The goal of the player is to be the first to achieve the best wave counter.
- More than 80 different towers to build
- 20 different minions with abilities
- 6 types of Mana to use
- Infinite waves to destroy
- multiple spells to use

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