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Zoo Constructor is not only an economic simulation that is about generating profit with enthusiastic visitors, but also a complex animal simulation that allows wildlife species from all over the world to be realistically located, too And, if necessary, even to breed yourself.

In this way, you can also create an ecosystem of animals and plants that works as possible in the sense of a national park, without the influence of personnel or man-made facilities. A sophisticated climate and plant simulation supports this project in a wide variety of biomes around our blue planets.

Whether ecosystem or zoo-in order to construct your perfect scenario, you can find a wide variety of building tools for soil, water, pathways systems and fences, plants, staff and furnishings for visitors, enclosures and animals, as well as a wide variety of decorations at disposal.

You can redesign the landscape via numerous terrain tools. They allow you free terraforming, water construction and planting from all the climates of the earth. Design the animal enclosures according to the individual needs of the species used. Make your park an attractive amusement park for visitors. For this purpose, freely buildable enclosure and visitor facilities are available to meet every wish of park residents and visitors.

The animals have growing needs in the field of feeding, movement, play, social life and habitat. In addition to the construction options, park employees from different occupational groups help you to provide the animals with sufficient food, to medically decry them and to maintain the entire park operation. If the animals feel really comfortable, then you can look forward to up-and-coming friends. But if you do not handle the growing demands of animals and visitors carefully, then your park can also end in chaos.

If park visitors can admire the whole variety of magnificent wildlife and have fun at your park all around, then it will ring vigorously in the cash register. Take advantage of the many sources of income from the growing range of shops and rides and adjust the prices to the growing popularity of your zoo. But deal carefully with the finances, otherwise your park could run out of air financially.

As you reach the increasing livestock and economic targets, more and more attractive facilities will be unlocked for you. Starting from the small game enclosure, you can take your business to the world's largest Zoo Constructor Zoo.

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