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Seacurity Breach


Seacurity Breach - O tej grze

Blissful life in Solarimere archipelago is in danger. Barbaric Aquator tribe is invading peaceful Aerian lands!
Join officers of Queen Albina in their struggle to repel Aquator invasion. Build and upgrade defensive structures, place barricades and traps, manage resources strategically and fling attackers across the sky!


Analyze attackers and choose fitting defenses to take with you into battle. Strategically place towers, traps and other buildings, and fight off waves of pesky Aquators. Manage your gold and level up defenses. Earn crystals and permanently upgrade your defenses between levels. Push through more challenging difficulty levels to test your skill! Play custom levels for more challenge or weird level design community has come up with.

  • Story - Follow Aerian and Aquator struggle in a campaign consisting of 25 challenging levels!
  • Open Level Design - Levels are designed to take full advantage of vertical space in 3D terrain! No more boring defenses on the flat surface only.
  • Defensive Structures - Build impenetrable defenses no stinking Aquator will breach. Unlock new defenses and upgrade them.
  • Varied Enemies - You'd be surprised what Aquators have in their sleeve. Considering most of them don't have sleeves at all.
  • Puns - Bird and fish puns to be more spefishic. A lot of them actually.
  • Level Editor - Extend your game with free community made levels or create your own fully featured levels and share them with the community on game's Steam Workshop!

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