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Red and the Deadly Sins


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Acute social subtext about life from the perspective of “Divine Comedy” – this is how the Red and the Deadly Sins is presented by indie-studio Diantong, that consists of two friends-co-founders. Under its uncomplicated design developers hide plenty of allusions about reality, and a journey of a faceless hero is telling another interpretation of Dante Alighieri’s masterpiece.

Explore the underworld, inhabited by evil souls and save them. It is an order of Soul Purging Committee, and that’s what Red will do - an ordinary soldier without a name, face nor past. But even a usual man can clear the world from the Sins if he has enough determination and faith.

Leave your hope anyone who downloads the game:
  • Minimalist design. Co-founders of Diantong believe the power of the statement is more important than vivid visual aspect;
  • To overcome the Sin is simple, but to understand it’s essence – that’s the trial for the real explorers. Search for the memory shards, in order to know the truth about ancient spirits. To understand what Diantong wanted to say;
  • Authentic soundtrack from an independent songwriter Lamark Kane;
  • One book is seen differently in various cultures. Inspired by “Divine Comedy”, Diantong blended its vision of Dante’s journey and Chinese philosophy of life (by all means). Developers have put existential and social subtext in everything, from the mask of Red and traps to bosses and game ending.

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Producent: Diantong Intelligence Tech. Shanghai Co.,Ltd.
Wydawca: 101XP

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