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Aeioth RPG is orginially inspired by many MMORPG games, but we decided to make it completely single so that the players can actually enjoy their own moments without getting stressed out, being involved in competition between players, and having burden of paying additional cost for better items. Having said that, it is always addictive and exciting to play Aeioth RPG as all the features what you can expect from a RPG game are still present.

  • Join the Great Adventure

    You are the person that Barzak has recommend. Starting from Survivor's Shelter, you will train yourself, hunt monsters, and eventually go to Aeioth, the island of fantasy. You will receive a number of quests and rewards as you go through.

  • The Art of Battle

    When you fight monsters which is greatly higher than your level, you may simply use a shield to block the attacks, rapidly roll on the ground to avoid them, or use skills.

  • Do we have Skillbooks? Yes!

    Your instructor NPC will offer you some basic skills, however, some skillbooks must be purchased from merchants. The rare ones should be gained from certain monsters or you should craft it by using the craft scrolls and gathering required materials.

  • Countless items

    There are a lot of items to list: Armors, helmets, gloves, shoes, accessories, weapons, and shields. Furthermore, craft scrolls, rubies, rides, and pets are also available. In this system, you may transfer your golds into rubies so that you can purchase advanced items, such as buff scrolls which increases your exp%, or gold%. Items are divided into 9 different grades: Normal<Rare<Epic<Unique<Ancient<Legend<Myth<Divine<Unknown.
  • Enhancement System

    You can upgrade any equipment till it reaches max +9. The more the number goes up, the harder it becomes. You can also upgrade your skill levels which make them roughly twice better than the previous options.

  • Customization

    Customize your graphic qualities. Optimization has been of our first priority when developing Aeioth RPG. It is possible to eradicate lagging problems or play with realistic graphics by merely going to the options menu. Most importantly, remap your keys on the keyboard in the options menu. This allows you to play with different kinds of keyboards.

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