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Final Islands


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Final Islands is a 45 degree Sandbox & Roguelike.

-- Unknown Islands
In Final Islands, you would Explore the islands. But it's not easy. You should take care of your body and environments around you. Don't be attracted by brightly colored poisonous mushrooms. Try to save your stamina while avoid monsters. Even when you see the Legendary sword, check it before take it. May be that's a trap. There will be another challenge after this island.

-- True Action System
Some attributes affects your character control. So do environments and monsters.

-- Lots of Build
Hero, Equip, Skills, Rune, Race and Class. You can combine them together to build your own style. It's hard to build a prefect character within very short time. Since you can not have all of them before the game start.
Some thing that only dropped in game.

-- Challenge Monsters
There are a lot of different kind of monsters. They are not only powerful, but also tricky. Weaker monsters will always be together and follow a strong leader. If you can not beat them, There is another option for you(run away). Remember, stay alive is your first priority.

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