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王者英雄 The Great Hero


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【Game Introduction】

"The Great Hero" is a MOBA multi-player online tactical competitive game. The diversity of heroes, skills and equipment makes the game very playable. Global real-time matching, and enjoy the ultimate competitive experience in 10 minutes! New heroes, new play, easy operate, your new game journey will start from here!

【Game Features】

  • Open up any time! 10 minutes once!
For the casual family of MOBA games, enjoy the ultimate competitive experience in 10 minutes. Circuitous combat, hand brain coordination, fight for the end!
  • Team fair competition! It’s fun to fight hard!
Drive the whole team with your strength and make a wonderful match with your opponent. No hero growing up, no physical strength, simple game fun!
  • Teammates are high quality in Steam platform!
Teammates don't cheat, don't affect the mood, help you rank easily!
  • New game! New experience!
New heroes, new ways to play, new maps, easy to operate, want to show off, and work with friends to fight new exciting!

【Game Operation】

  • The hero's movement is controlled by the WASD key of the keyboard, the mouse clicks to release the skill, and the automatic intelligent locking target simplifies the operation.
  • The two teams will fight against each other on the battlefield. The team that first destroys the opponent's main base will win the final victory.

【Suitable People】

  • Favorite game types are: MOBA, single player, multiplayer, strategy, action, role-playing players.
  • Players who are stressed or feel too time and energy in Dota or LOL.
  • Like Chinese history heroes, simple gameplay, easy to play casual players.

【Unsuitable People】

  • Professionals of this type of game or players with perfect requirements for this type of game (current game is still in the Early Access stage)
  • In the game, like the gods of killing, please also show your love, don’t let others doubt life.

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Producent: China Sky Carving Game
Wydawca: China Sky Carving Game

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