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Two minutes left to midnight, urges the clock; he stands his arms, performs a couple of previously rehearsed gestures and then fastly swallows the liquid.

After performing an old ritual to cross the Abyss, the Neophyte find himself in a surreal world populated by dungeons and beasts.

Find your way out of this ludic world while obliterating thousand of raging creatures, collecting loot, and skilling-up your character.

Reality boundaries become blurred while the Neophyte's persona dissociates into three different classes. Customize your character by spending attributes points and increasing your proficiency in many different unique weapon styles.

Character Customization

Instead of choosing a static class, directly customize your character through main attributes: strength, intelligence and dexterity each time you gain a level,
thus, being free to mix your combat style no matter if you're wielding a sword, bow, or staff. Skill-tree and further character-customization are not implemented yet, but planned for the final release (after early access stage).

Procedural Open-World

Dungeon Crowley mix the best of two worlds, putting together static hand-crafted regions with fully random generated dungeons.

Seamless Multiplayer

The whole campaign can be played both ways, single or multiplayer, at any time. (You can resume your save-game and the join your friend's game, for instance).

3 Unique Dungeon Styles

Each stages comes with a customized dungeon generation algorithm, custom scenery, different weapons and Foes; offering an great variety while features are presented as the game progresses. 5 unique dungeon-styles are planned for the final version (after the early access stage).
Despite the 3 dungeon styles currently

10+ Foe types

The final version scope covers a widely variety of Foes and behaviors scattered through the different stages, (including flying Foes). 20+ Foe types are planned for the final version (after early access stage).

Dungeon Crowley blends RPG and FPS elements altogether while providing seamless full multiplayer-campaign where players must cooperate through procedural dungeons.

Remember, you can always invite your friends to help you exploring the vastness of the Abyss wastelands.

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This game contains explicit portrayals of violence and gore which may not be suitable for all audiences.

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Producent: Animvs Game Studio
Wydawca: Animvs Game Studio

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Early Access
Early Access
Co-op Campaign
Online Co-Op
Hack and slash
Dungeon Crawler

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