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Pixels Guide to Staying Dead


Pixels Guide to Staying Dead - O tej grze

A Competitive Party Shooter where up-to 4 players fight it out and death only occurs at exactly zero health! Heal or Damage your opponents to strike that balance!

With positive health, you're a human! Negative health turns you into an undead skeleton!

Only by reducing the health of your foes to zero will they stay dead so hack n'heal your way to victory!

First to 5 Kills Wins!


  • Local play for up to 4 players!
  • 3 maps to play on, with more coming during Early Access. Each map having different risks and play styles!
  • Choose various colours to customise your character! Including eye colour, eye brows colour and skin colour!
  • Fast paced game!

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Producent: Pattern Assembled
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Early Access
Early Access
4 Player Local

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