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It’s the year 2030, our organism printing technology is at its peak with ChromeLabs taking the lead in the field, located at the heart of Carbon Valley underneath the city’s underground megamall. The company is about to reveal their latest prototype printer, the Soulmaker, equipped with a deep learning artificial intelligence. However, it already had plans of its own. Going rogue overnight and printing itself an army of mismade beasts.

Take the role of Flink, a lump of organic filament residue and fight your way through the shopping mall to the laboratory. Or become part of the Soulmaker and build monsters to help fuel its wicked horde.

Refill your Roguelike is a casual run and gunner, in which you battle against enemies created by the community. Traverse through procedurally generated levels filled with platforming gameplay and chaotic shootouts. Or build enemies in our advanced enemy editor and upload them to the Steam Workshop so other players can battle them as they explore the megamall.

The game is being developed by 4 students from Breda University as a graduation project. We'll be working on the project until the end of January, after which we hope to reach a presentable state. As such, expect to find some bugs or placeholder items. Regardless, we hope you'll enjoy Refill your Roguelike.

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