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Have you ever wanted to run your own software company? Go to IT is a business simulation game with a multitude of parameters to manage and meaningful choices to enjoy. Build your company and bring it to the top, surviving almost 30 years of software industry ups and downs.

Tactical Depth
  • Choose your corporate strategy. In-house projects or outsource? Tight deadlines when stakes are high or playing safe while missing on profit?
  • Manage the entire project lifecycle. Implement methodologies and techniques: test-driven development, refactoring, pair programming. Build your processes and test them against market reality.
  • Loans, investments, recruitment, buying development tools, setting up an office. Challenging decisions await.

Multidimensional Management Challenges
  • Additionally to hard skills, each employee has soft skills and personality. A highly qualified person, who is always late and not really willing to learn? Or jack-of-all-trades, punctual, but lacking motivation? Choose wisely while recruiting and assigning tasks.
  • Find new employees, promote and educate them, and don’t forget to take care of their job satisfaction.
  • 10+ parameters affect job satisfaction level. Who said it would be easy?

The History of the Software Industry
  • The game starts in 1991 when the software market establishes. You will live through all industry milestones and pivotal points.
  • As the market develops, you get new technological opportunities. Use them for your good and profit.
  • The game features cutting-edge software technologies as well. Starting in 2009, you can build blockchain projects.
  • We did our best to make the timeline as realistic as possible. Have fun and learn new facts simultaneously.

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